About Me

Hello! I'm Raine, a software engineer recently hooked with crochet.

Seems a bit strange - software and crochet - right? It all started with a crochet workshop in our office (yes, crochet workshop in a software company!), and since I had nothing better to do that day I decided to join. After a few basic stitches, they made us do our very first project - a simple coaster.

As you can see, I did not do very well with this coaster :D But although I never quite perfected it, I got hooked. Simply because I was able to create something (and importantly, because I learned how to change yarn colors, haha!).

I did a number of simple crochet projects after that, mostly appliques to practice reading patterns, until I got confident enough to start more challenging projects.

About Crochet AF

There are a lot of crochet patterns out there, but there will always be something you want to do differently. So I started designing my own patterns and modified some existing ones, and decided to share them in this blog - all for free! This way I hope to encourage and inspire you guys to crochet and eventually also make your own patterns (which I hope I will also be able to see and use someday ;) )

Lastly, why Crochet AF? My boyfriend actually came up with this name because when I got addicted to crochet I was always with my yarns and my hooks and he thought I was crocheting as f*ck. Yes, I was and still am crocheting AF :D

Thanks for visiting my humble blog, and I hope you guys also Crochet AF! \m/

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