Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Spinning Summer Slouchy Beanie

This is yet another beanie that I made as a gift for one of my friends for Christmas last year. I actually made this just early this year because I was really swamped making all of those handmade gifts weeks before Christmas. Fortunately, my friend is a nurse and has a crazy schedule, and we don't meet in person often, so I was pretty sure we weren't going to meet during the busy holidays. The same goes for our friend who does research at the university; she doesn't have a crazy schedule but we almost always meet up only when all three of us can go. I will be posting her beanie too in the following weeks, so stay tuned for that. :)

Going back to my nurse friend's beanie, like most of my crocheted gifts, I wanted to give her something personal and something that suits her. She's the type of person who, despite her busy schedule, loves to go out on trips especially to beaches and everywhere else that involves bodies of water. So of course, I wanted to give her something somewhat related to that. But the theme of my gifts for Christmas was beanies, so I had to give her a beanie too. That was a bit problematic because usually beanies are for keeping you warm, and if you are in the beach, you won't really need a beanie! So I thought of giving her a beanie that's not really warm and that she can still use even if the weather's a bit hot.

Soooo, I searched for beanies that were lacy or that had holes in them. At first I found some patterns with little holes, one of them I also made as a gift for one of my cousins (will post this one soon, too!). But the one I found in Moogly was the one that made me think, yes, this is the perfect beanie for her. I was so excited to make it because it looked really unique and cool (temperature-wise). And I also can't wait to give it to my friend!

Pattern here.

The pattern is so simple and so easy that I made it in a breeze (and this beanie is breezy, too!). It looks complicated because of the spiral effect and the vents, but it really just involved chains and double crochets. You can definitely wear this on hot days; very stylish and fashionable. Even after finishing it, I'm still excited 😄 I really love how this beanie turned out, and I am so happy I made the right choice.  Hopefully my friend will love it too (I know she will because I made it, haha!).

So there you have it! Hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did. Enjoy crocheting AF! \m/

This pattern is free and not for sale. Please credit and link back to this site when sharing, using for business, etc. Thanks! :)

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