Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine Gift Bags (and more!)

Valentine's day is just around the corner, and it's the season of giving! I know Christmas is really the season of giving, but Valentines is also a time when people give gifts to their loved ones. People give Valentines cards, flowers, stuffed toys, sometimes balloons too, and of course Valentines will not be complete without the sweets. We give these gifts to show our love to the special people in our lives, but what better way to let them feel our love than to give them handmade gifts?

So I rounded up these Valentine bags, purses, containers, what-have-you - for all of us to enjoy! These Valentine gift containers are so cute, they are gifts themselves as well. They're all pretty easy to make, so there's no worry that you won't be able to finish in time to pack them up with your choice of gifts and give them out by Valentines day. And most importantly, they're free!

Crochet Heart Baskets
These crochet heart baskets are really cute, and I think they will really look good when filled with candies! The pattern used a 12mm hook so these baskets turned out pretty big, but you can scale down your hook size and yarn choice for smaller-sized baskets.

Valentines Day Gift Bag
A drawstring gift bag that you can use to store candies, chocolates, small notes, and just anything lovely! The pattern used intarsia crochet technique to make the heart design in the middle.

Envelope with Heart
Maybe too small or thin for keeping candies in (surely, you don't want to put just one chocolate inside, right?), but I think this will be perfect for jewelries like bracelets and necklaces, with a little note inside saying something like, "You envelope me with your love." So cheesy! I'm sure you can come up with a better line than me. :)

Heart Coin Purses
These may be coin purses, but you sure can put a lot more in there than just coins! This pattern may require a little more effort because of all the sewing of the zippers, but it's worth it because you (or the one you're giving this to) can actually use it as a coin purse. Talk about practicality! And whenever they need some change, they will remember you. ❤

Daisy Heart Granny Purse
Such cute handle! A heart with a handle! Like saying, "You hold my heart." Here I go again with my mushy lines! I should just probably busy myself making these. :) You can definitely give this to anyone you like, but I think this will really look cute for kids. Because Valentines is not just for romantic love, it's for all types of love! ❤

Cable Heart Gift Bag
Now these bags just demand that you put more chocolates in there! Just kidding. These are really cute and handy bags that you or your loved one can definitely reuse.

Valentine Chocolate Box (and chocolates!)
Now this is not exactly a fast one to make, but it's a clever idea, right? A chocolate box that never empties. Haha! Although your loved one might get disappointed (or pissed, even!) at you for giving them fake chocolates, you should probably have some real chocolates at the ready for damage control. Or of course if you don't want to make the crochet chocolates, you can just fill this box with real ones. Or if you're a prankster like me, just make the crochet chocolates and put them in a real chocolate box! That's really mean, don't do that unless you are very secure with the relationship you have.

Sweet Heart Goody Sac
As a gift bag, or a scent bag, or decoration - you can have this in many ways! Ain't that a treat. :)

Valentine's Day Mini Treat Bags
Last but not the least! These cute bags are simple and easy to make, and you can even make them without the heart (for non-Valentines days, or when you're just not really a fan of hearts).

Can't wait to try them out? Start making them now and spread the love around.

Enjoy crocheting AF! \m/

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