Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ewok Scoodie Pattern

Finally! After weeks I am now able to create another blog post. I have been a bit busy lately, and with my crochet I've been doing a lot of projects - mostly coasters. I'll be posting them soon, once I finish the coaster sets I want. :)

One of these projects is my first big (and I think the biggest!) project so far - my very own Ewok Scoodie! Well, it's not exactly my own Ewok scoodie as one, I got the pattern online from a very talented person and two, I really made it for my little brother.

As you might already know, I was a little bit of a braggart when I started crochet and was able to actually make something decent. I also started doing Pinterest and pinning a sh*tload of crochet projects that I wanted to do when I grow up when I gain enough crochet powers. Sooooo, one weekend while having breakfast (or lunch, or dinner; I don't really remember, I only remember being in the dining table with food!) with the family, I was showing them the crochet projects I intend to do in the future. One of them was the Ewok scoodie, because Star Wars, and I love Star Wars. Actually, my whole family loves Star Wars, so when my brother saw the scoodie he told me I had to make him that. At that time I was only doing headbands and animal appliques, so naturally I responded, "Maybe give me five years." Exaggerated, I know! But I didn't know that then (which was only a couple of months back, haha).

So while shopping for yarn during one of my yarn escapades, I spotted this carrot yarn and I thought, hey I can use this yarn for the Ewok scoodie my brother wants. And so the next thing I know, I'm double-crocheting my way into the galaxy far far away.

Here we go!!
For my version of the scoodie, I used a medium weight yarn and a 5mm hook, smaller than those in the pattern I found. Since I live in a constantly hot-weathered country, I thought a bulky scoodie would really be impractical, so I wanted the scoodie to be lighter and less bulky, and therefore cooler.

Here's the link to my Ravelry project, where you can find the yarn I used, and here's the link to the original Yub Nub scoodie pattern.

For the adjustments:


Row 1: Instead of doing 140 sts, I made 180. You can also add more, depending on how long you want your scoodie to be.

Row 8: I skipped 50 sts instead of 40, and then made 80 dc's instead of 60.

Row 9-11: I added 2 more rows for a total of 5 rows, to make the hood deeper/longer.

Row 12-16 (from the original pattern, disregarding the additional 2 rows I made in the previous step): I made 30 dc instead of 20, and followed the dc increases for each row (row 12 has a total of 75 sts, row 13 has 70, row 14 with 65, and so on).

And finally after the last row, I added another row: dc 29, dc2tog, dc 29.


I added one more row after row 5 while constructing the circle: *4 sc, 2scinc, repeat from * around. And then proceeded with folding it in half and doing sc edges with the lighter-colored yarn.

The final product:

Yes I have a cat face :3

Side view

I did not sew in the button as the pattern instructed because I liked it open just like this. But I might add it later on, if my brother wants it. Also I didn't have fuzzy yarn at hand so my ewok ears aren't as fuzzy as they should be, but nonetheless it still looks cute! I hope my brother likes it.

So that's it! If you have any questions about the pattern and the adjustments I made, just let me know in the comments below. :)

Enjoy crocheting AF, and may the force be with you! \m/

Yub Nub!

This pattern is free and not for sale. Please credit and link back to this site when sharing, using for business, etc. Thanks! :)

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